Gerhard Schweizer
Independent Consultant for International Development Co-operation
Langgasse 41, D-55237 Flonheim, Tel. xx49 6734 233, Fax: xx49 6734 209,




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Competence for sale..

Implementing projects and advising partners in the world of international development co-operation
is a serious business for those who bear responsibility
either in the home or country offices
or while being  project managers and specialists on site.

However, nobody knows everything and competence is not always available
at one's fingertips. In particular, when more and more duties (if not responsibilities)
are devolved to those who are actually implementing, they also want to draw
from resources available worldwide.

This is why I would like to come to you.
The objective of my internet appearance is to get in contact
with  project implementers, advisers, home and country managers, and consultancy firms
who want to select the additional competence they need from the open market,
virtually by poking the keyboards of their computers with their fingertips .

On these pages I would like to provide you with a brief description of my background,
abilities, and professional as well as country experience.
An updated CV is available for viewing and downloading.

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