Gerhard Schweizer
Independent Consultant for International Development Co-operation
Langgasse 41, D-55237 Flonheim, Tel. xx49 6734 233, Fax: xx49 6734 209,


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Exposure to different projects:

Type of Project Assignment Function Responsibilities Countries
Forest Development Technical Assistance (TA) Adviser to project management - Teamleader Project Management, M&E, Financial Control, Forestry extension, Training P.R. China
Forest Development TA Socio-Economist Project Feasibility Study, Project Impact Study P.R. China
Preparation of the Niger Delta Development Masterplan TA Specialist for Agriculture, Forestry, Biodiversity, Hydrology, and Fisheries Assessment of Sector Consultant Studies and incorporation into the Masterplan Nigeria
Irrigation Development TA Team member - Agricultural Economist Farming Systems Survey, Development of Cultivation Recommendations P.R. China
Settlement TA Individual Expert - Agronomist/economist Analysis of Field Trials and Assessment of Trial Program Kenya
Settlement TA Individual Expert - Organizational expert Advice on Organizational Development of Project and Settlement Organisation Kenya
Rural development Evaluation Team Member - Agricultural Economist Project Planning, Community Development, Extension, Crop Research and Production Lesotho
Rural development Evaluation Teamleader - Agricultural Economist Agric. Programmes, Project Management, M&E, Institutional Integration, Reporting Lesotho
Agricultural Development TA Agronomist - Dpty. Teamleader Technology Development, Crop Production Recommendations, Data Collection, Impact Monitoring Malawi
Agricultural Support Program Project preparation and appraisal Team Member - Economist / Institutional Specialist Organizational Development, Costing of Organisational Changes, M&E Malawi
Ministry of Agriculture - Management Strengthening TA Team Member - Economist / Institutional Specialist Organization Analysis and Implementation Proposals Malawi
Rural Development Project appraisal Team Member - Agric. Program Specialist Organizational Aspects, Crop and Animal Production Program Sri Lanka
Rural Credit TA Individual Expert - Agricultural Economist Assessment of and Advice on Credit Monitoring and Reporting Practices Sri Lanka
Coconut Development Programme TA Dpty. Teamleader Management of Sub-Program in Zanzibar Tanzania
Irrigation Development TA Team Member - Economist Survey on Dairy Production Tunisia
Rural Development Project evaluation Teamleader - Agricultural Program Specialist Agricultural Program, Project Management, M&E, Gender Issues, Research Zambia
Rural Development Project appraisal Teamleader - Agricultural Program Specialist Technical Components, Participatory Approaches, Institutional Assessment, Project Organization and Integration Zambia
Resource Management Project evaluation
Project appraisal
Team member - Agricultural Program Specialist - Project Economist Agricultural Components, Project Economics India

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